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HOWARD COUNTY Schedule of Rates for Taxicab Service as outlined by Licensing Department of Inspections, Licenses and Permits Howard County Council Resolution #77-2015 Effective July 1, 2016.
These fees and charges are set pursuant to Section 14.103 of the Howard County Code which authorizes the County Council to approve a schedule of fees for taxicab certificates, licenses, and permits and a schedule of rates for taxicab service.


First 3/8 mile (or fraction thereof)


Each additional 1/8 mile (or fraction thereof)


Each additional passenger over 8 years old


Each piece of luggage


Grocery bags handled by driver in excess of 6 bags(total for all excess bags)


Except as provided, all pets not in hand held carrier


Surcharge per trip for service during Howard County declared snow emergency


Surcharge for trips between 9:00 PM and 5:00 AM


Surcharge for trips across county border


Waiting time (per minute)


Gasoline surcharge (per trip)


Van surcharge


Service fee for payment by credit card (per transaction)

For transactions up to and including $20.00


Fortransactions over $20.00



  • Mileage is based on the taxi meter reading.
  • If the taxicab carries passengers to different destination, the meter shall be reset after each passenger reaches the passenger’s destination and pays the appropriate fare.
  • Passenger is responsible for payment of all tolls incurred during outbound and return trips.
  • The pet charge shall not be applied if the animal is a working service animal such as a search and rescue dog, contra-ban detection dog, seeing-eye dog, or other similar service animal that is trained to provide physical support to individuals who are hearing, visually, or mobility impaired.


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